i'm kd.
my online alias's: funnylilcharacter, HENCH4LlFE, and 01110000011010010111001101110011.

They // Them

BIRFDAY: 1991年10月22日

I'm just trying to live a calm life , drawing, knitting, crocheting, and feeding pigeons.

My favorite animals are dogs, elephants, cows, and birds.

I love anime, and reading manga. I grew up with it from an early age. I remember going online in the early 2000's, jumping on geocities, and looking at all the cute anime girl wallpapers lmao. XD

Anything relating to horror is just straight up bangin'. I love it. gimme dat delicious gory & bloody mess hahaha.

Southern Rap is objectively the best, then East coast, and finally West Coast.